How Maksym's Wheels Project Got Started

Two weeks before Maksym's life was taken from him, Maksym had just graduated to his "big boy" bike. (training wheels). He was so proud of reaching this milestone. The day he started riding his training wheels, Maksym said, "I would like to donate my bike to a kid that doesn't have one."


Maksym's sister Stephanie, also involved in the tragic incident on May 30, 2015, has journeyed on a long, difficult road to recovery. Along with many different surgeries and therapies Stephanie has partaken in, she has also needed to use various therapeutic bicycles to help gain back her range of motion.

Therefore, in honor of Maksym wanting to "donate" his bike , and in rememberance of his kind and giving heart, Maksym's Wheels Project is committed to helping kids with special needs (like his sister Stephanie has) enjoy riding a bike and gain back range of motion in their lower extremities, through the donation of therapeutic bikes. It would make Maksym so happy to know that more kids can now participate in the simple childhood pleasure of owning and riding their very own bike, regardless of his/her ability or financial situation. 


The purpose of Maksym's Wheels Project is to provide therapeutic bicycles to children with special needs. Therapeutic bicycles can be very costly, ranging in price from $1,200 to several thousand dollars depending on the severity of the handicap. Therapeutic bicycles provide many benefits to children with limited range of motion. Known benefits of therapy bikes include:

  • Improved coordination, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness, & strength

  • Improved communication between the two hemispheres of the brain

  • A greater level of self-confidence and a greater sense of independence


Unfortunately, many rehabilitation centers, as well as families with children with special needs are not able to afford this expense. These families are so often besieged by special needs related expenses that a bicycle, even a therapeutic one, seems like a luxury. This is where Maksym's Wheels Project hopes to step in and meet the pressing needs of these families. We ask that you would partner with us to provide a therapeutic bicycle to a child in need.

If you are interested in receiving a bike for an individual or a therapy center, please fill out the form below and a representative from Maksym's Giving Tree Foundation will be in touch with you.

Please note: In order to qualify for a therapeutic bicycle, one must be between the ages of 3-16, have a long-term disability, and be able to independentally pedal a bicycle.

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Maksym's Giving Tree Inc., is a Registered Non-Profit Organization