Meet Maksym, a precious little boy that loved the color blue, mint-chocolate chip ice-cream, riding his tricycle, and everything about the water, beach, and ocean. He had an absolute passion for frogs, and couldn't wait to start raising his tadpoles he had just gotten until his life was cut short on May 30, 2015.  His "belly-laugh" will never be forgotten, as well as the unbelievable love and inseparable bond he had with his sister "Stephie."


Maksym's Story, Continued

Mary will never forget how it seemed like he purposefully studied her face and told her how much he loved her. Mary recalls, "It was kind of different." After the soccer game had ended, Mary, Stephanie, and Maksym began to walk back to their car, when suddenly their entire life would change within an instant. A driver, whom fell asleep at the wheel, veered off of the road, into the park, striking Mary and her two children. Although Stephanie pulled through this tragic incident, she was left in critical condition with a long road to recovery. Mary, suffered minor injuries. As for sweet little Maksym, he did not survive. 


Mary and her husband Wally made a decision to seek out ways to honor and celebrate the life of their beautiful son. In November of 2015, Maksym's Giving Tree was born to keep their little boy's spirit alive by carrying on the legacy of an amazing soul that he was and still is. In fact, one of Maksym's favorite books was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Maksym would ask his parents to read that book to him again and again. Much of Maksym's nature was closely related to the tree in that story. He always thought and cared more about others than he did about himself, and would give everything he had just to make someone else happy. People often considered Maksym as an "old soul" and "wise beyond his years." Even during the "terrible twos," he was just always content, he didn't complain, and would find the good in every situation.


Maksym's silly antics and sayings that brought an unbelievable amount of laughter throughout the Sugorovskiy home will forever be missed; as well as the great love and inseparable bond he had with his sister Stephanie.  Even the memories of Maksym's irresistible temptation to jump in every puddle he passed, no matter how wet and muddy the consequences would be, will also always remain strong in his family's hearts.


Most of all, those whom knew Maksym will never forget the innate gift he was born with, which is the gift of kindness that he continuously displayed. Being kind is one of life's most simple gifts; yet it is a gift often taken for granted. For Maksym, it came very naturally. Therefore, the mission of Maksym's Giving Tree is to promote kindness as a guiding principle of humanity. The organization is committed to fostering compassion in children and inspiring life-long contributors to society by raising and donating funds to promote and facilitate acts of kindness within communities. Maksym's Giving Tree aims to raise awareness of kindness through providing information, recognition, and the sharing of resources.

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Maksym's Giving Tree Inc., is a Registered Non-Profit Organization