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Do you remember the last time someone showed you unexpected kindness? Kindness is one of the simplest and most basic fundamentals of life. It is something that is easily forgotten as we become inundated with the negativity that can sometimes fill our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, it takes something simple to make us realize how easy it is to change someone's life. 

In November 2015, Makysm’s Giving Tree Foundation, was created in memory of Maksym's thoughtfulness and giving nature radiated to those around him. In keeping with the altruistic spirit of it's namesake,  Maksym’s Giving Tree's goal is to spread kindness in our community by bringing world-class speaker Brian Williams, from Think Kindness to our local schools in Western New York.


Think Kindness is a non-profit organization that inspires students to have the courage to continually do the right thing, the perseverance to stay true when facing adversity, and the determination to live the best version of themselves. Schools nationwide that have participated in this program have not only seen a decrease in bully related incidents, but have witnessed a positive shift in their school’s culture.  Think Kindness challenges students to document 5,000 acts of kindness in just two weeks. 









Students at South Buffalo Charter School, Forest Elementary, and Heim Elementary ready to "Change the World."

Funds donated to Maksym's Giving Tree Foundation will be used to schedule Brian Williams from Think Kindness, to visit schools in and around the Buffalo area.

For more information on how to participate in this program, please contact us.

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Maksym's Giving Tree Inc., is a Registered Non-Profit Organization